Virtual Recruiting Department VRD™
Competing with the ‘Big Boys’

Smaller firms have a disadvantage. The cost of an effective recruiting department requires the resources of a larger company.  Oftentimes, smaller companies are forced to pay search fees, utilize costly contractors, and struggle indefinitely awaiting responses to job postings. This results in higher costs and talent opportunity gaps. VRD™ provides expert recruiting support for human resource departments to companies under $500M.

VRD™ Benefits

VRD™ lowers recruiting costs and increases human capital quality. Cost reductions and improved outcomes are achieved through leveraging a number of resources provided by VRD that include:

• A set of shared centralized sourcing tools
• A team of talented recruiters above mid-market company value
• Robust IT platform and databases

As a virtual recruiting department, Talent Orchard builds custom databases for clients that will store valuable information throughout the recruiting process. In addition, we also build clients’ brands with the candidate pool through consistent representation and marketing. One point of contact provides a turnkey experience and provides regular reports to Human Resources on progress against assigned work. The result: the capabilities of a best practice, VRD™ at a price smaller companies can afford.  Other results include faster hiring of better quality resources, lower cost-per-hire than search, improved compliance for regulatory purposes, and a scalable solution that can grow as needed.

Retained VRD™

Acting as your VRD™ allows us to collect market data on various trends and competitive activity, and enables us to develop a point of view on real time, best practice marketplace understanding. As we continue to learn more from speaking to job candidates, we report to our clients key learnings that support both business and strategy development.

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