Many companies need to augment existing in-house recruiting support when business spikes or when there is a major consulting proposal requiring attention, such as bid-as-key resources or incumbent staff information. The traditional solution has been to hire a contract recruiter to augment the existing team. The challenge with such an approach is that contractors are often unknown quantities and still need tools such as database access, licenses, etc. In addition, their performance can tend to decline late in the contract period as they focus on finding the next opportunity.

Talent Orchard’s On Demand solution enables our clients to augment their existing team with our recruiters. Our teams come with all the necessary tools so you won’t have to. Our recruiters remain laser-focused, free from looking for the next project opportunity because they work for and are managed by Talent Orchard. We operate a Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) model, so you are not dependent on one contractor to handle all your requirements. Instead, we deconstruct the hours and have several recruiters share the time, giving you more eyes on each search. Your single point of contact will be a lead recruiter.

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