Tiffany Nguyen knew there was a better way for organizations to acquire talent. She developed an innovative approach and left a full-time position, so she could help any company, no matter the size. She founded Talent Orchard in 2010 as a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB). She assembled a team who understood the importance of developing deep relationships, person-by-person, across candidates and clients. Talent Orchard’s business is about people, and our people are:
Smart — We are resourceful, creative, and solutions-driven.
Passionate — We make the impossible possible.
Exceptional — We strive for excellence and never settle.
Collaborative — We share our thoughts and challenges while continuing to learn from each other.
Innovative — We redefine the traditional model through our consultative approach while embracing technology best practices.
Accountable — Everything we do, we do with integrity and transparency by earning the trust of our clients and colleagues daily.
Loyal — We are always there for each other, fostering a supportive community, and we strive to work as one.The combination of these things creates a SPECIAL team dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our clients and candidates.

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